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Do I need Debug Agents, Emulators, SW Licences

Question asked by Mildocate on Dec 12, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2016 by Kader.M

Hello DSP World,


I need a DSP for my thesis and I am new to DSPs. The ADSP 21489 EZ Kit looks nice to me.

But I have a bit trouble which Kit I need, the EZ Board or EZ Lite.


What I want:

-Upload a program to the DSP

-Calculate FFT (audio signals)

-See the outputs


I not sure if I need the Debug Agent or an Emulator to do this jobs.

I programmed Arduino already, there I just plugged the board via USB into the computer and it worked.


2nd question

Am I forced to use the CCES and/or the VisualDSP++ software? If I understand it correctly I only get a 90 days licence and afterwards I am not able to use the EZ Kit anymore, so it becomes useless (???).

Or can I maybe program the device with Matlab (I have full licence, all packages) or upload the code otherwise?