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ADV7393 NTSC output problem

Question asked by LarsP on Dec 12, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2017 by Anthony_Purcell



We are using the ADV7393 to generate analog NTSC video output.

Setup is 8bits YPbPr, embedded sync.

The simplest setup in our system is analog input to a TI TVP5154 video decoder connected through an FPGA (Bypass) to the ADV7393.

The setup is from table 65 in the datasheet:

0x17 = 0x02

0x80 = 0x10

0x82 = 0xCB



At startup or when losing and gaining input with the same image, the video output is good/bad.

It is about 50% chance of getting a good output. No programming is done after the initial configuration, just input image on/off.  Each input on/off can change the output image quality.

The bad output shows double edges in areas where the edges are NOT horizontal or vertical.

See the attached images.


Hope for some input on this issue.