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AD8390A bias current, and capacitive load

Question asked by gatzschm on Dec 12, 2016
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I have 2 questions regarding the AD8390A:
1. I don't understand what the bias current setting does to the output of the amplifier. The datasheet mentions that the AD8390A can be set up with different bias currents, but it never mentions what the point is by setting the currents to different settings. Also: Can the PD pins be connected to 12V? What is the maximum rating for these pins?


2. If i drive a 4nF capacitive load directly on the output of the AD8390A (without any additional series- or parallel resistive load), what will the approximate power consumption be if I drive e.g. a 10MHz 20Vpp (differentially) sine wave if the power supply is 12VDC?


Thanks for your help!