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Trouble configuring EBIU and PWR on an BF518 EZ Board

Question asked by Jens.Waeling on Sep 2, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2011 by PrasanthR


I've got some trouble configuring The EBIU and PWR using the system Services on my BF518 EZ - Board.

Trying to initialise the SDRAM with the following configuration - Table:


ADI_EBIU_COMMAND_PAIR ezkit_sdram[] = {
        {ADI_EBIU_CMD_SET_SDRAM_BANK_SIZE, (void*)&bank_size                         },
        {ADI_EBIU_CMD_END,0                                                          }


I get a Return - Value of 40014, meaning ADI_EBIU_RESULT_INVALID_SDRAM_SRF, an invalid self refresh rate of the SDRAM.

The MT48LC32M16A2_75, as it is mentioned in the Datasheet and on the real board is the SDRAM - Module I have, so I wonder what

went wrong with the initialisation using this preset.


Using the Power Module, initialising it with this configuration table:

ADI_PWR_COMMAND_PAIR ezkit_power[] = {
        { ADI_PWR_CMD_SET_PROC_VARIANT,(void*)ADI_PWR_PROC_BF518SBBC1400 }, // 400Mhz ADSP-BF518 
        { ADI_PWR_CMD_SET_PACKAGE,     (void*)ADI_PWR_PACKAGE_LQFP       }, // LQPF Package
        { ADI_PWR_CMD_SET_VDDEXT,      (void*)ADI_PWR_VDDEXT_330          }, // external voltage supplied to the voltage regulator is 3.3V
        { ADI_PWR_CMD_SET_CLKIN,       (void*)ADI_PWR_CLKIN_EZKIT_BF518  },    // the CLKIN frequency 25 MHz
        { ADI_PWR_CMD_END,             0                                 }

delivers a return - value of 60041, meaning ADI_PWR_CMD_SET_AUTO_SYNC_ENABLED, what does not make any sense to me, because the BF518 is of the single-core Broadie and not of the dual core teton family.


I've wirten an empty main with an invite loop for experimental issues using those configurations plus the interupt, dma and flag module, initialising first the interrupt-, then the ebiu-, the pwr-, the flag- and last the dma-module. All except those two mentioned above seem to initialise fine, returning 0.

If I try to run this Project on an Simulator Session in VDSP5.0, it crashes just after the Initialisations are called, calling an unknown expression occured in the disassembly - window at FFA0149C. The funny thing is, if I build the same project in a session where I'm connected to the ez board via an ICE100B, I get the same error-showing return - values, but it seems to run in the invinite loop forever.

Does someone have any idea what's wrong?