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Failed to load .dxe for BF538F

Question asked by ANANDSM on Dec 12, 2016
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I have a custom board with BF538F. For one particular board we are getting the error while loading the .dxe file in debug mode using CCES 2.3. I am using ICE-100B emulator.

The same project works fine for other boards. Hardware perceptive, I have verified the reset, clock, core and IO supply, JTAG test in the CCES. Also results are fine. In debug configuration, the JTAG test is pass and shows as 1 JTAG device detected. I have created fresh dummy project and tried to load the .dxe file but the problem is persistant.

I am attaching the snap shot of the error which shows up while debug mode is launched and attempt to load the .dxe file.

Please let me what could be the issue.



Anand M