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BF506 PWM system service(s)

Question asked by tiagra on Sep 2, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2011 by tiagra

Hi, looking at the services.h I see, that even on BF506 the services/pwm/adi_pwm.h gets included. Since a working PWM-example for the 506 is missing (or does anyone have something available? possibly with ADC-triggering? ), i was looking at the 518 example. There the aforementioned adi_pwm.h is being used aswell as the adi_ssl_init.h. Ok, there is no such init-file for the 506 and looking at the 518.variant i don't seem to see relevant stuff for the 506? Secondly the adi_pwm.h states, that is is suitable for all 51x, so i'm wondering why it's being included in the services.h for the 506? Can i still use it on the 506? What about the ssl_init stuff? Am I missing something here?


Thanx for some enlightment,