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AD9364 MGC mode with Pincontrol option

Question asked by chand_1 on Dec 12, 2016
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I am using AD9364 in custom board with no-OS driver. I am using AD9364 in CMOS mode. I am trying to use AD9364 in MGC mode with control input pin option for changing receiver gain.I am using full table for receiver gain.I am using one transmitter and one receiver only.The following are the settings for the main AD9364 configuration source code structure for maual gain mode with Pincontrol option.I am sending the Pulses through the Control_in0 and Control_in1 pins for gain increment and decrements. But the gain is not changing. The pulse width is more than 2 RF clock cycles.Are there any other settings for this configuration.
Please help us.

./* Gain Control */
    0, //gc_rx1_mode *** adi,gc-rx1-mode

/* Gain MGC Control */
   7, //mgc_dec_gain_step *** adi,mgc-dec-gain-step
   7, //mgc_inc_gain_step *** adi,mgc-inc-gain-step
   1, //mgc_rx1_ctrl_inp_enable *** adi,mgc-rx1-ctrl-inp-enable
   0, //mgc_rx2_ctrl_inp_enable *** adi,mgc-rx2-ctrl-inp-enable
   1, //mgc_split_table_ctrl_inp_gain_mode *** adi,mgc-split-table-ctrl-inp-gain-mode