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I am looking for a good bandwidth and low input bias current.

Question asked by ruiwang9102 on Dec 11, 2016
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we are designing a kind of measurement device, we used AD8021 in our voltage follower circuit before but we found that has a huge Input bias current which is 7.5uA to 10,5uA. The other choice we have is AD8021, but it cannot work in high frequency signal. We need an ideal amplifier which has low Input bias current; its bandwidth(-3dB) is more than 50M in gain from 1 to 25; low noise; and can amplify 4.2mV(+-) to 8.4V(+-); the supply voltage should be fit +-12V. I know it may be impossible but do you have any ideal amplifier can fit some of those?
Besides, when we used AD8065 we found that if we used oscilloscope pen to measure it would not work sometimes? Perhaps we didn't have an ideal ground, but do you have some idea?