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ADAU1452 Sigma TCPIP Protocol

Question asked by Luca18 on Dec 11, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2017 by aud_eng

Dear Sigma Studio Community,
I am working on a fully integrated Audio DSP Solution with an ADAU1452.
The Chip should be controlled via Ethernet connection (Wifi) from Sigma Studio 3.14.1. The ADAU1452 is connected via I2C to an ARM based miroprocessor with Linux operating system. The Sigma Studio runs on a Win 10 Tablet/PC and is connected to the Linux ARM via Wifi (Ethernet).
I noticed Sigma Studio now supports this connection by the new TCPIPADAU1452 block.
I want to write a little Java program which is running on the ARM and acts as a connection between Sigma Studio (TCPIP Socket) and the ADAU (I2C). This should be similar to the SigmaStudio Network Utility for Linux.

 Is there a documentation about how the TCPIPADAU1452 block communicates with a Socket and how to communicate with the ADAU via I2C?
Is it possible to "on the fly" monitor & update DSP parameter with such a connection?

Thank you for your time and hopefully you can help me out with this issue.
Yours faithfully,
Luca Zechner