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ADALM1000 firmware upgrade problem.

Question asked by RaymondTaylor on Dec 9, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2016 by RaymondTaylor

First off, I'm real new to this.  The only other type of board I've used is T.I.'s launch pad with Energia.

I did the following :

- plugged it in and started PixelPlus2 0.90.  It didn't find the ADALM1000.

- searched the web and followed the instructions to load drivers with zadig

- my pc found it as AMALM1000.

- PixelPlus2 found it and indicated I needed a firmware update, which didn't work

- search the web, learned about BOSSA.  I shorted out the two pins and the LED went off as the instructions indicated.

- I did auto scan with BOSSA but it doesn't find the device.

- below is what BOSSA did and below that a screen shot of the AMALM1000 showing up as unknown device.

- I'm running on a desktop Dell optiplex running 32-bit Win7 home edition.

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.