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AD9389b reports HDCP Error Code RI Missmatch (0b0010)

Question asked by gelke on Sep 2, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2011 by DaveD


We are using the AD9389b, to send HDCP encrypted signals to a TV.

We initialize the AD9389 according to your procedure described in AN-810 "EDID und HDCP users guide:

1. Initialy, the HPD is low.
2. After HPD went high, we can see that the AD9889 reads EDID segment 0 and sends an EDID Ready interrupt to the system.

3. We set HDCP Desired bit (0xAF[7]) high.

4. After writing a one to bit 7 of Register 0xAF an HDCP Error Interrupt is issued and the "HDCP Controller Error register" (0xC8 [7:4]). indicates "RI Missmatch" (0b0010). Note: There is no Key reading Error 0xb8(4) = 0


What could be the reason why the RI Missmatch error bit is set?


Thanks in advance for your help