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About ADAU1761 and SigmaStudio

Question asked by zhuangqiong on Dec 7, 2016
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I am using ADAU1761.


The digital signal from the master controller is sent to ADAU1761 and DSP in ADAU1761 need to do some processing

on the signal.

Now I want to get the digital data output before DAC and compare the output data of ADAU1761(before DAC) with the output of the master controller. I just want to know  the data transfer is correct or not.

question 1 How can I capture the digital data output before DAC output? I can not see the output data in Capture Window of Sigmastudio.



question 2  And,  I think that the digital signal from the master controller should be transmitted through the serial data ports. Am I right?


 question 3   How to eliminate the noise ? Especially the impulse noise in time domain. The duration of pulse noise is short, but the energy is large. Can I use the FIR to solve it ? Do I need to detecte the impulse noise first ? Or I just need to import FIR coefficient?


 question 4  How can I get the BBE module to make it sound more clear.  Could you give me a demo about how to program a microcontroller to emulate SigmaStudio to communicate with the SigmaDSP IC of  ADAU1761 in a real production system.