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Request ADI Recommended Fractional- N PLL for replacing ADF4002

Question asked by Se-woong on Dec 7, 2016
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My customer used ADF4002 (Integra-N PLL) in other product  and they want to replace this PLL to Fractional- N type PLL because they need to add the frame mapping functionbetween CPRI/OBSAI and Ethernet.


For this reaon, they reqiest your recommended Fractional- N PLL  device .

Please refer below their requests and suggest your recommended PLL decvice.

   1. Use Frequency: 322.265625MHz

   2. Ref. Frequency: 153.6MHz/N (153.6MHz, 76.8MHz,  38.4MHz, 19.2MHz...)

   3. Package Type: TSSOP is required.

   4. If possible, Pin to Pin repleacement with ADF4002


If you have any questions, please let me know.