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How to use ADP1055 in Current sharing mode (Same configuration as allowed by ADP1051) without ORing. Have your an application Note ?

Question asked by JoseDomingoSalvany on Dec 7, 2016
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Functionality : direct parallel evaluation with multiple boards on ADP1055 EZ-LAB


I try to put in parallel two galvanic insulated DC/DC converters, implementing ADP1055 on each.

How to proceed for voltage synchronisation and current sharing on the output without O'ring Diodes ?

This function is explained for the EZ-Lab evaluation board ADP1051-240Z-EVALZ UG-566.

But not explained on ADP1055-EVALZ_UG-710 :

"Connectors on the evaluation board provide synchronization, as well as share bus and PMBus™ interfaces, allowing direct parallel evaluation when multiple evaluation boards are connected in parallel to a common bus".


Is an application note available for this ?


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