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Reg PPi data transfer

Question asked by naveenkumari on Sep 2, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2011 by Nabeel


        I am using Blackfinn561 EZkitlite board first time for evaluation and using blackfinn's PPI ineter face for data transfering . I am using General purpose mode for data transfer.  For this i am using basic configuration for setting PPI Pls find below


                                      ADI_PPI_CMD_SET_CONTROL_REG,   (void *)0x3902(sender side)  //no frame sync

                                        ADI_PPI_CMD_SET_CONTROL_REG,   (void *)0x3901(Receiver side)  //no frame sync

                                      ADI_PPI_CMD_SET_TRANSFER_COUNT_REG, (void *)128

                                     ADI_PPI_CMD_SET_LINES_PER_FRAME_REG, (void *)1



I want to transfer some bytes of data(Say 128 bytes) for this  i am using 1D buffer concept.I am following the procedure mentioned below

                              1 . Initializing DMA

                               2 . Initializing PPI

                              3. Read/Write PPI


This i am doing with 2 BF561 Boards i am not getting anydata at receiver end but register status showing no error. I am using this for first time.Please help me in setting the registers and procedure to get proper data transfer.