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Bayer data conversion using adi_Bayer2RGBBilinear

Question asked by chiara.bizzotto on Dec 6, 2016

Hi, I'm trying to "de-bayer" a frame obtained from an image sensor using the native function adi_Bayer2RGBBilinear of the Image Processing Toolbox module.

I've tried to run the examples but even with the demo input the output is not what I expect. 

I've a BF707 in the BLIP2 platform and I've tried to run project "bayer_native_api_bf609" even if it's for bf609 because it's the only example using directly the native api and not the cv-like ones. The building and running go without errors but the output is wrong. (i'm using InfranView for viewing raw files)


Input (bayer data viewed as grayscale):


Output (RGB24bit)

Output (RGB24bit not considering first byte)

Expected output:


Only skipping first byte the colors are at least right, but still there's lot of noise. (i've tried also another viewer but the result is the same)

Is there some setting i'm doing wrong?

Any help would be appreciated