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On the phenomenon that a sine wave becomes a square at a specific center frequency

Question asked by DolphinSasoh on Dec 6, 2016
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If the frequency is set to 201 MHz, the IQ plot of the received 200 MHz sine wave will be square rather than circle.
I have not tried everything, but this phenomenon seems to occur at a specific center frequency setting.
Looking at the spectrum, the harmonic is very big.


I am using FMCOMMS 3 and ML 605.
I am using No-OS Software.


The setting of the AD9361 is
Center frequency 201 MHz
Sampling frequency 61.44 MHz
Setting bandwidth 56 MHz
Gain 10 dB


The input signal is
CW 200 MHz
Power - 10 dBm

The following is the IQ plot and spectrum of the waveform acquired with the Xilinx Chip Scope.

What is the cause? Are there countermeasures?


ad9361 freq fmcomms3