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HMC698LP5 settings for frequency synthesizer

Question asked by Jean75 on Dec 6, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2016 by Jean75

Hello all,


I am RF engineer working on frequency synthesizers.
My request is about the HMC698LP5.

In the application circuit shown in its datasheet (at the end of the document)  http://

-          How the Voltage (7 V for HMC529) for 13 GHz locked frequency is set?
No external voltage is applied.  It is the HMC698LP5 auto lock function?

Using the example 13 GHz:

The reference frequency (100 MHz) is fixed. Then we set the N and S bits for 13
GHz, we apply Vcc and the HMC698LP5 locks itself? Is this the procedure?

If this is the case, could you explain how N and S have been calculated?

(S1, N4 and N5 bits in on state).


Many thanks for your help,