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SPI Slave communication error

Question asked by sumanthbhatt on Dec 6, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2016 by Prashant


   I'm using BLIP2 eval kit (BF707) in SPI Slave mode. I'm trying to send a 10 byte command packet from the master to slave. But it is triggering  ADI_SPI_HW_ERR. 


The SPI settings I have used are as follows -

1. Callback based , no DMA

2. Non-blocking mode submission (adi_spi_SubmitBuffer)

3. ADI_SPI_TRANSCEIVER->ReceiverBytes =10

4. Word Size = 8 bit mode


I referred the Video-Occupancy-Sensor project's SPI Slave communication code to configure my BF707 in Slave Mode. 

I'm able to communicate using the ADI_SPI_TRANSCEIVER if the command packet is of length 8, but not able to work with command packet of length 10.


I'll furnish further information if required. Please let me know what is triggering ADI_SPI_HW_ERR in the callback.