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Limits on Heap allocation?

Question asked by Rusty on Sep 1, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2011 by Rusty

I have several heaps defined to differentiate blocks of internal RAM and external RAM for various uses.  It appears I cannot use all of the heap area.  I know there is overhead in establishing the heap and for each heap allocate.  I am not concerned with that.  What appears to be happening is I cannot allocate a block that is within 108 bytes of the end of the heap.  I have the following code for my final allocation in my internal heap:



   internal_heap = heap_lookup(2);

   size = heap_space_remaining(internal heap); // returns with size = 284

   buffer = new(internal_heap) s32[42]; // Works if size is 42

   size = heap_space_remaining(internal heap); // returns with size = 108



The above code fails with kNewFailure if the allocation is increased to 43 instead of 42.  Is there a reason for this failure?


My final allocation wants to be 48 32-bit values which should fit with some room to spare including the overhead of 8 bytes.


Any help is appreciated.