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The driver circuit of AD9633 or AD9681

Question asked by coyoo on Dec 5, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2016 by DougI

Hi Guys,


We are using many AD9218 chips, and the driver using AD8138, which is ideally suited for broadband dc-coupled applications. The AD9218 datasheet also gives the reference circuit by using AD813x devcies.


I read the datasheet of AD9633 and AD9681, and found these commnet:" becuase the noise performance of most amplifiers is not adequate to achieve the true performance of the AD9633." Is this means that i can't use amplifiers like AD8138 to drive these ADCs?


Also, in AD9633 datasheet, which gives two refierence circuits. One uses double balun input configuration, another uses differential transformer-coupled configuration. Both are showed as figure 57 and figure 58 in datasheed respectively.


Now, we are going to modify our design to using more channels integrated, however, our design is of dc-coupled application. How to apply AD9633 or AD9681 in our system?