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ADuC7026 ADC edge triggered by PLA

Question asked by Marc2 on Sep 1, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2011 by MikeL

When clocking the programmable logic array (PLA) with HCLK (core clock) is it possible to trigger the ADC with a "one single HCLK cycle width pulse" generated by PLA and routed to the ADC?


The reason why i am asking for is datasheet chapter "ADC CIRCUIT OVERVIEW" Figure 42 which shows #CONVstart to be kept one ADC-clk cylce low to trigger the ADC. Chapter "PROGRAMMABLE LOGIC ARRAY" states the PLA output can be routed to the "#CONVstart signal". Note that a one cylce PLA pulse is smaller than one ADC-CLK cycle therefore a pulse stretcher would be necessary (although it is working in practice).


I have a second question:
Is there a favourite solution how to implement edge triggered ADC on ADUC7026 (i.e. PLA model)?


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Added info:


Found this link meanwhile:


then go to "Example Circuit". This shows an edge to single HCLK pulse to ADC trigger circuit.


Still open the question about the ADC trigger point (ADC-timing Fig. 42 datasheet) / ADC-Clk and PLA-Core-Clk.