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HMCAD in interleaved mode

Question asked by dan_b on Dec 5, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2016 by dan_b

I have the intention to design a time interleaved adc module based on four HMCAD1511.

The devices must be clocked by an interleaved differential clock at 1GHz with each HMCAD1511 in single channel mode.

I need to know if the analog inputs of the four converters can be connected in parallel.

Can I drive all the inputs by a single differential amplifier (BW must be 500MHz) ?

The second problem can be the VCM output of each converter. I know from the datasheet that this pin can be left in floating state because I cannot put all four VCM outputs in parallel.

Can be a problem I the input differential amplifier will use a compatible common mode voltage generated from an external source ?


Thank you !