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Question asked by lux on Dec 5, 2016
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I have some questions on the ADP3629 Input Voltage Hgh (VHi) ,in Inverting Mode opeartion.

My questions  might be a little unusual ones, but I would appreciate answers from technical point of view.


Q1: VHI is specified  as 2.0V min.  under VDD=12V,  but  would it get higher or lower under 15V?

     -- I guess such a parameter should be irrelevant to the supply voltage, but I what the  reality is

with this particular device.


Q2: SWITCHING TIME , tr. tf. and td are specified  with CLOAD=2.2uF, but if this CLOAD were removed,

about how much would these parameters be affected?


Q3: Please refer to Figure 4.  on p.4 in the datasheet Rev.0.

What is the slew rate of the INA or INB input assumed in the diagram?


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