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Can't find device /dev/cf-ad9361-dds-core-lpc@79024000

Question asked by vshn on Dec 3, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2017 by rsilagi

Setup fmcomms2-ebz on zedboard:


1. Created HDL from branch 2015_R1 and the boot image with xilinx's u-boot

2. Generated uImage also with branch 2015_R1 (default zed configurations with the following driver enabled)

device drivers -> industrial I/O support -> Analog to digital converters -> Analog Devices AD9361, AD9364 RF Agile Transceiver Driver

3. Created device tree from the linux git -- zynq-zed-adv7511-ad9361-fmcomms2-3.dtb

4. Generated file system with buildroot enabling all libiio options and adding libad9361-iio package


After booting the device appears to be present:

# cat /sys/bus/iio/devices/iio\:device0/name

# cat /sys/bus/iio/devices/iio\:device0/out_voltage_rf_bandwidth


Running the script from


Can't find device /dev/cf-ad9361-dds-core-lpc@79024000


Reading dmesg...

# dmesg | grep ad9361
platform Driver cf_axi_adc requests probe deferral
ad9361 spi32766.0: ad9361_probe : enter
ad9361 spi32766.0: ad9361_probe: failed to register debugfs
ad9361 spi32766.0: ad9361_probe : AD9361 Rev 2 successfully initialized
cf_axi_adc: probe of failed with error -12


From the dts file:

cf-ad9361-lpc@79020000 {
compatible = "adi,axi-ad9361-6.00.a";
reg = <0x79020000 0x6000>;
dmas = <0x10 0x0>;
dma-names = "rx";
spibus-connected = <0x11>;
xlnx,dphase-timeout = <0x8>;
xlnx,num-mem = <0x1>;
xlnx,num-reg = <0x1>;
xlnx,s-axi-min-size = <0x1ff>;
xlnx,slv-awidth = <0x20>;
xlnx,slv-dwidth = <0x20>;
xlnx,use-wstrb = <0x0>;


So long story short; I'm not sure where the problem lies here or why the probe is failing.  Thanks.