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ADN8831 TEC controller - 24 Voltage Application?

Question asked by br500 on Aug 31, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2016 by shaun_92

Customer is are going to settle on 24V for system voltage.


Weblink for the TEC chip (


As you can see at dT=50C the voltage at 5A is 12V and at 3A it is 8V. From what I understand on the ADN8831 datasheet the “L” FETs operate in linear region either sourcing or sinking current. This is a problem in that the LFB pin is spec’d at 6V abs max. Making the power dissipation on the high side linear FET be: (24V – 6V) x 5A = 90W! when driving current in this direction.


Any suggestion possible options to drive higher voltage of 24V system voltage?