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ADT7310 SEU SEE Request

Question asked by qnguyen on Dec 1, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2016 by Lluis

I'm looking for the Single Event Upset Cross Section for the ADT7310 for aerospace application.  We need this information to conduct the SEU analysis in high altitude. 


The Single Event Upset Cross-Section data that I need is the device area per bit for the memory registers.  The number should look like the following:  n.nnn x 10-15 cm2 per bit.


For memory components operated in aircraft at altitude, random particles can cause a bit to change state.  I need to be able to estimate the likelihood that this would happen for any device containing memory or data registers such as are in the ADT7310.


An estimate of the area of the chip for this device devoted to the memory registers and the total number of bits in the registers would allow us to determine the Single Event Upset Cross-Section for these devices.