ADF4360 Firmware

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Hi there,


Im in a similar situation


We are using the ADF4360 as the clock, and to save time developing I could really use the firmware for the card EVAL-ADF4XXX


We already have the evaluation boards for testing this, but this setup have to many cables and is to noisy for us.


We wish to have the Cypress CY7C68013A-56LFXC onboard with the 4360, to make it all smaller. Also we must have the 4360 clock signal very close to the main IC.


This enables me to use the old AD pc software for setting and testing the best clock configuration.


EVAL-ADF4XXX:   USB to Parallel Port Adaptor Board



I hope you can provide me with the firmware since we are to use the ADF4360 in the design.


Any help will make my day!




Kind regards,