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[Bug Report] SigmaStudio.3.13: Different parameter values in exported files

Question asked by JTJ on Dec 1, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2017 by DaveThib

I would like to report a bug regarding the exported files from SigmaStudio. I am currently using ver 3.13. The DSP is the ADAU1701.


I have seen in the Release note for 3.14 that the following is a known problem:

"Export file for Nth order filter contains duplicate parameters." (Release note for 3.14 section 7.2)


But furthermore, the IC_1_PARAM.h file when exporting from SigmaStudio, have different parameter values than the regular IC_1.h file for the same blocks that are written as duplicates.


Below is a screen dump of the two files showing the different values for the same register address (0x04)


Please fix this in the next release, as it is causing me a lot of troubles when I try to move my DSP code from SigmaStudio to an embedded µC.


Print Screen of the _PARAM.h file vs. the regular .h file. Note the different parameter values for register address 0x04 (starting with 0xFF in one file and with 0x0F in the other.)