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Questions about ADV7630 and ADV7625

Question asked by Se-woong on Dec 1, 2016
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My customer are considering to use ADV7630 or ADV7625 for splitting Video sources (3:2) in their system.


Their system have 3 Video inputs and 2 HDMI outputs.

Input Video sources are DVI & HDMI & DP.

(About DP case, they are considering to use DP to HDMI solution).

Currently their Output is suporting HDMI 1.4A (Full HD) only and they will be expand to support HDMI 2.0 (Ultra HD).


Please refer below block digram and their questions.


Q1) About ADV7630 and ADV7625, if there are no input signal, are there any output signals from ADV7630 and ADV7625?

 As my customer, some device make output signals (or clocks) eventhough no input signals.

So they want to receve your confirmation about ADV7630 and ADV7625 operation.


Q2) Could they use ADV7630 or ADV7625 for 3:2 MUX solution in above block diagram?

Please distinguish your opinions between about supporting HDMI 1.4A and supporting HDMI 2.0.


Q3) Would you recommend ADI solutions about DP to HDMI and HDMI to DP converters?


Please advise me.


If you have any questions, please let me know.