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Performance issues of AD843 & 847 at -30deg temp

Question asked by Raj Employee on Dec 1, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2017 by krisf

An engineer at BEL, Bangalore raised this query. I am trying to get an answer for him and if possible find the right support persons.

"This is regarding a module we are realising using the ICs AD847 & AD843SE/883B Problem Brief : The AD843SE & AD 847 IC's are configured as High speed Peak Detetor circuit exactly as shown in the datasheet of AD843 (Figure 29. A Fast Peak Detector Circuit. ) The circuit is working fine at lab conditions and RT of 23 Deg C. But when tested at -30 deg C the output of the second stage ie. AD843 output is going high with input signal low. Could you help us with resolving this issue, with you / your appln. teams experience. "