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about the ADIS16365 zero drift

Question asked by cystal on Dec 1, 2016
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Hello,I have a question about the  zero drift  of ADIS16365 iSensor. While applying the ADIS16365 to our Automatic Guided Vehicles product, we found that the sensor have big zero drift.

Here is the progress we make. First, we put the Sensor on the table, and connect it to the STM32 using SPI bus. After Gyroscope Precision Automatic Bias Null Calibration, we sample the  Z axis gyroscope rate. The sample rate is 819.2 SPS. Then we do integration of the z gyro rate each second. The graph is the result of the integration.

We found that the zero drift is really big. The curve is not smooth. So I want to know why do the curve vibrates so intensly, could you give me some help.