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EVAL01-HMC992LP5E Using Ports of Evaluation Board

Question asked by emreorta on Nov 30, 2016
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I'm using EVAL01-HMC992LP5E, and I need some guidance on how to use the ports on the device correctly. As shown in datasheet (page 13), there are 2 RF Input ports (connectors J1 and J2) and 3 RF Output ports (connectors J3, J4 and J5). The datasheet also includes a couple of examples and you can see that RFIN3 port is usually used as RF output of the device. However, there are no demonstration on how to use these ports correctly. As I understand, for 2 ATTN + 2 AMP case, I connect the RF input to RFIN2 (J1) port and take the RF output from the RFOUT3 (J5) port. What will I do with the other remaining output ports? Do I need to leave them open as it is or connect them to a load such as 50 ohm or so? So basically, what's the purpose of having 2 extra output? It's a little bit confusing to figure out how to use these ports correctly. 


Thank you for taking your time to read.