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Blackfin USB class compliance?

Question asked by TomDavies on Sep 1, 2011
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My company are developing a hardware product containing a Blackfin chip, and I've been tasked with writing some windows software that allows users to configure the device over USB. At the moment, I am using the bulkadi USB driver to communicate with the device, writing and reading small amounts of data. Is it possible to configure the Blackfin so that it appears as a class compliant device, thus bypassing the need to distribute a custom USB driver with our product?


If not, I assume I will have to recompile a customised version Analog Devices bulk driver, digitall sign it, and integrate the installation of this driver into the installer for the application? If this can be avoided by making our device class compliant, this would be a big help to us.



Tom Davies

Peavey Electronics.