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ADV7511 unstable output over HDMI on 1080P

Question asked by arun83 on Nov 30, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2016 by GuenterL

We have adv7511 connected to Samsung LH55DMEPLGC/EN 55' monitor over HDMI.

We are seeing flickering / unstable output when ADV7511 output is 1080P.

Once switch from 720P to 1080P setting, the monitor starts flashing for every 2 sec or so.

The output of ADV7511 is stable when switching back to 720P from 1080P / configured to output 720P.

The ADV7511 is configured for RGB24bit input. The input colour space is RGB444. Colour depth is 8 bit.

Our board has another HDMI output which is SoC driven, when the same monitor connected to this port, it works fine in 1080P output. The ADV7511 driver HDMI port has flashing issue. Other manufacturer monitor models are working fine with this setup.


Appreciate any help on this.