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Verification of JESD204B line rate

Question asked by damchanhung on Nov 30, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2016 by rejeesh


I'm using ZC706 + FMCDAQ2 and FMCJESDADC1.

The ref design offer the ability to change JESD line rate using Zynq PS to issue the parameter settings.

I have some question on the how to verify the actual JESD line rate:


1- For FMCDAQ2:

How to verify that DAC is output the correct line rate?

We think that measuring output spectrum on a Spectrum Analyzer will reflect correctly the JESD204B line rate. May I know if this is possible?


How to verify that ADC is output the correct line rate?

Below is some diagram to illustrate what I mean:



Thank you.