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ADAU1701 and I2S

Question asked by mkatsaragakis on Nov 29, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2016 by mkatsaragakis

Hi to all.


I am running some tests with the ADAU1701 and i am little bit confused
My master clock is 25MHz and it comes from an CM6631A configured to 24bit 96Khz.
PLL mode is set to 256xFs.
The CM6631A also provide 2 channel audio thru I2S.
The ADAU1701  sampling rate is set to 92KHz and DSP core to 2x ... everything is working fine ... i have good sound from both  I2S and ADCs.


The strange thing is that the  ADAU1701 keeps working also when i set the sampling rate  to 48KHz and DSP core to 1x ... good sound from both  I2S and ADCs.


Is that normal, and why  ?  


Thanks in advance