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SPI communication with AD9361

Question asked by Maulik on Nov 29, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2016 by rgetz

we have purchased ADFMCOMMS3 evaluation board for testing purpose


we are using this board in kintex7 (kc705) & microblaze as a soft core processor but we are facing problem as mention below


1. we want to do spi communication with this board but we not able to read default value of internal config registers of ad9361. we are giving 6.25Mhz clock for spi communication and we are using as a 4 wire spi pins which are using for spi interface as below please tell me this pins are sufficient for spi communication or we have to interface some more pins.

                                          - RESETB





when we probe on clock & CS pins it is coming fine but how can we ensure my data is going on mosi pin because whatever i write in configs i am not able to read it back.


2. our second doubt is external or internal clock require for AD9361 while using spi communication? if yes then what procedure we have to follow for that.


supplies are coming fine when we probe on monitoring points.



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