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AD9253 Continuous sampling + other questions

Question asked by ttyler777 on Nov 29, 2016
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I'm using the AD9253-125EBZ connected to the HSC-ADC-EVALCZ board.  I am using the Hadboard API in a simple C# program that I created to capture data off the board (See attached).  


So far, everything looks pretty good.  I've been able to get data chunks from the board and analyze them.  However, we've run into a couple of questions:


   1.  Continuous data

We've observed that when we continuously ask the board for data by calling myBoard.FillFifos() and myBoard.CaptureFifoBytes(), we are missing chunks of data in between.  Is there any way around this?  We are running the system at 125 MSPS.


   2.  Additional code options.  

We would like to push development for this board, but the lack of supporting documentation for the Hadboardapi is proving to be a hindrance.  For instance, the HadBoardApi.chm that is provided has errors where the summary information should be (See attached).  Is there any more support for the api?  Is there any way to see the source for this code?  


If we wanted to start developing our own api to interface to the AD9253-125EBZ directly, is there any documentation to get us started?  


   3.  Questions about the SPI documentation

I've mostly been following matlab examples that I've found on these forums.  However, there is something I don't understand.  I do the following to set the Serial output data control:


newspiPara = new HadSpiParameters(1, 0, 1);
myBoard.SpiInitInterface(0, newspiPara);

//Configure FPGA
sAddress = 0x01;
bData = 0x30; //00110000
myBoard.SpiWrite(sAddress, bData);


Why do I write to address 0x01?  According to this document: 

That address is just the device info.  It looks like the address should be 0x21, but that doesn't work.  I'm probably just missing something.  Most likely something to do with the SpiInitInterface channel being 0.


Also, is there any examples to change the sample rate using the SPI interface?  



Thanks for the help in advance!


Tyler Jackson