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Muting DSP Outputs using GPIO input

Question asked by Nando.One on Nov 29, 2016
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We have recently developed an amplifier with the ADAU1701 DSP, and one of our requirements is that once you turn it off, the output must MUTE completely extremely fast, under 100 uS (micro seconds). One idea I had is to operate a "mute switch" in the DSP program by an external DSP pin (one of the MP0 to MP11 pins would do). I have a few questions that I'm hoping someone could help:


1 - Would that be fast enough, under 100uS?

2 - How can I flip the switch in RED by using a GPIO input? It would deviate from "audio"  to "zero dc level", thus muting.

3 - It doesn't have to necessarily be a "switch", it could be anything that would result in a mute, such as a gain block from 1x to 0x. Any ideas? 


Mute switch


Thank you very much! 


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