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ADAU 1452 external SPI delay

Question asked by Alex@@@123 on Nov 28, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2017 by BJ4

Hello all,


I'm trying to work with the external SPI delay for the ADAU1452 sigma studio. I used the 1Mbit 23LC1024 and everything is working as expected. To increase the delay I tried to find something with some more space and picked the MRH25H40CDF - it's a MRAM and perhaps not the ideal thing to use but it was the only one with more than 1Mbit I could find - however so far also everything is working nicely. Now my problem: the longest delay I can type in the external delay block window is 48000 samples. From my calculation the 4Mbit should provide much more than that - I set up 4Mbit in the configuration window - so that's not the problem. Is it simply a limitation of the UI or can I change this somewhere to be able to use the full 4Mbit?


Thank you very much!