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RX Matching for AD9361

Question asked by SDontula on Nov 28, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2018 by Vinod

Per the user guide (UG-570, section Rx Signal Path Interface), the differential impedance in Rx ports (RX1A,RX1B & RX1C) of AD9361 vary for different frequencies (700MHZ until 2700MHz). Will using a Balun be adequate or should we use the matching topology per Figure 48 of UG-570. What is the typical bandwidth we can achieve by just using Balun. We intend to use the RX1A port for 700MHz to 1GHz and will use a Balun (50 Ohm:150 Ohm (UNBAL:BAL)); RX1B (1.7GHZ to 2GHZ) and will use Balun (50Ohm: 100 Ohm); RX1C (2.1GHz to 2.2GHz) and will use Balun (50Ohm: 100 Ohm). 

I prefer to use the below  Baluns from Anaren. Please let me know if these meet the matching requirements for AD9361.


For RX1A, BD0810J50150AHF   (operating band: 700MHz until 960MHz)

For RX1B, RX1C: BD1722J50100AHF  (operating band: 1700MHz until 2200MHz)


Do ADI suggest any preferred Baluns for different operating bands.