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SC589-EZ-KIT problem with EMAC0 in U-Boot and Buildroot

Question asked by SHARCattack on Nov 28, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2016 by Aaronwu

Using the SC589-EZ-KIT (BOM 1.5) I am having trouble with EMAC0.

I've been through the examples in the Linux Add-in with great detail, including using the default images.

It is pointing toward a hardware or driver issue - perhaps a different revision of board than the examples were tested on.


  • Using U-Boot, EMAC0 will not get an IP address or light the Ethernet Port.
  • All 4 PHY LEDs (LED5-8) will start to flash at once after a while.
  • Changing to 10/100 only at the switch, negotiation occurs correctly, but the port still cannot pass IP traffic in U-Boot.
  • Recompiling U-Boot to use EMAC1 (10/100), all is OK.
  • Using Buildroot, same results... EMAC1 is OK but EMAC0 does not connect and doesn't seem to complete Ethernet negotiation.


I've tackled this from a few different directions, so looking like a hardware problem beyond my knowledge.


Let me know what further information is useful.