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Noise Figure of HMC8100 in Internal AGC Mode

Question asked by MuhammadAliGhafoor on Nov 28, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2017 by Mark_D

HMC8100 is an integrated receiver IC. It has two AGC modes:

1) External AGC mode

2) Internal AGC mode.

To operate the IC in internal AGC mode, we need to set the desired output IF power via SPI interface and IC adjusts its gain according to input RF power to produce a constant IF at desired power.


Now Datasheet shows the graph of noise figure versus RF input Power. (test conditions: IF output power= -9 dBm).The noise figure starts to increase very rapidly as the input power exceeds -50 dBm. My questions are:

1) Can anyone explain this?

2) I want the noise figure around 7-8 dB through out the input power. Is it possible with internal AGC mode?

3) Can noise figure be improved if I set different IF output power i.e, Is noise figure also related with output power ?



Ali Ghafoor,

RF System Engineer