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ADAU1761 firmware support on v3.18

Question asked by WenJin on Nov 27, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2016 by larsc
Branched from an earlier discussion


         We had upstream v3.18.23 kernel and find the patch adding support for it to v3.18.23:

now we have an error massage:


sound/soc/codecs/sigmadsp.c: In function 'sigmadsp_reset':
sound/soc/codecs/sigmadsp.c:541:34: error: 'struct snd_soc_codec' has no member named 'card'
snd_ctl_remove(sigmadsp->codec->card->snd_card, ctrl->kcontrol);
sound/soc/codecs/sigmadsp.c: In function 'sigmadsp_alloc_control':
sound/soc/codecs/sigmadsp.c:570:35: error: 'struct snd_soc_codec' has no member named 'card'
ret = snd_ctl_add(sigmadsp->codec->card->snd_card, kcontrol);


what can we do now?(what about use contain_of() ?)

I am change to use "snd_ctl_remove(sigmadsp->codec->component.card->snd_card, ctrl->kcontrol);",

Do you have an other ideas?