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Using HMC992 below 50 MHz

Question asked by MuhammadAliGhafoor on Nov 26, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2016 by SMcBride

HMC992 is a VGA with integrated detector. Its nominal operationg frequency range is 50 to 1000 MHz. I want to use it in the region of 40- 50 MHz. What would be the effect on its performance as AGC ? I will be using it as an AGC. Has anybody tested it or used it below 50 MHz? kindly suggest me what should I do? Or suggest me any other VGA IC having integrated Detector that can be used in 40-50 MHz region. One such IC is AD8368 but its detector sensitivity is -30 dBm, and I need atleast -60 dBm detector sensitivity.


Waiting for your experienced feedback.


Ali Ghafoor,

RF/uWave System Engineer