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ADE7880 harmonic conver

Question asked by rajam on Nov 24, 2016
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Dear all


I need to read harmonics in our 3 phase 4 wire (using ADE7880). I do not have more knowledge in harmonics, fundamental and THD.My meter has the following configurations like 240, 5A,CT ratio 2:2500 and burden resistor 38 ohm's. I have used the following steps in my meter like voltage again, current gain , watt again and phase calibration.
Harmonic ADE configuration details:
a) HCONFIG=0x0000
b) HX =0x03
And we read ADE register every 500ms ones we switched to R,Y, B. We read at the time FVRMS to HXIHD (0xE880 to 0xE88F) 16 register.
1) Can you confirm my configuration is missing anything?
2) Can you help me to read the harmonics phase wise according to the above meter details and how to switch other phase?
3) Can you tell me what would be the expected value of the above meter configuration is it following value is expected value ?
My  Harmonic reading value is without  harmonic distortion

Voltage VRMS = 2538898* 0.0000922448=234.2V

Current IRMS= 4.972A,  PF =0.484,  Kwr =0.584   Kvar = 1.026 Kva = 1.177

Voltage constant: 0.0000922448

Current constant : 0.0000018952647098




HVA =                   48d

HPF =                    428691430d

VHD=                    7481d

RIHD=                   9416d

HVRMS=              9167d

HIRMS=               11390d

HWATT=              42949672d

HVAR =                 42949672d

FVA=                     3259207d

FPF=                      4073747d

VTHD=                  38399d

ITHD=                    34916d

FVRMS=               2566113d *  0.0000922448   = 236.71 why FVRMS  more than VRMS voltage?

FIRMS =               2645074d * 0.0000018952647098 = 5.01 ?

FWATT =              1569690d

FVAR=                  42921454d


How to convert registers contain Harmonic values in to real world values for HVRMS,HIRMS,HWATT,HVAR,FWATT,FVAR?