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ADP5061 behaviour

Question asked by juan.streb on Nov 24, 2016

Dear Sir/Madam,


We are currently using one of you ADP5061 chips, model ADP5061ACBZ-4-R7 to be more precise, and we are facing some unexpected behaviour that probably you can pinpoint.


The behaviour that we would like to have is the following:

- Connect the USB and, independently of the status of the battery, power the system (4.2V in ISO_S)


The issue that we see is that:

- If we leave the device running only with a battery (no USB connected),

- after some time, due to normal usage of the device, the battery discharges.

- Then, we connect the USB and the device does not start unless we put a new battery with a minimal charge(e.g. 2V).

- So, in this situation, what we would like is that, at least, the device is power via the USB.


For more information,

here you can see our schematic:


And this is the configuration we use for the ADP5061 chip:


Configuration registers:

VIN:              (0x02) = 0x03

TERMINATION:      (0x03) = 0x8F

CHARGINGCURRENT:  (0x04) = 0x11

THRESHOLDS:       (0x05) = 0xFF

TIMER:            (0x06) = 0x38

FUNCTIONAL1:      (0x07) = 0x05

FUNCTIONAL2:      (0x08) = 0x20

INTERRUPT_ENABLE: (0x09) = 0x00

IEND:             (0x11) = 0x40


Status registers:

STATUS1: (0x0B) = 0x4C

STATUS2: (0x0C) = 0xE4


Thanks in advance,

Juan Manuel Streb.