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Question asked by on Aug 31, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2011 by Andreas

     We have downloaded the Source Code for writing and Reading back the data from  Nand Flash from Analog Devices.We are using BlackFin 527 Processor with
working on  Windows XP Platform.
We are able to Write to the Nand Flash and Read back the Data from the Nand Flash.We are getting the correct results when the Source code is not Optimized for speed.When we  Optimize the Source code for Speed and execute we are facing the following problem.
1)Only the Init() function where the Initialization of NFC and Interrupts is done and also the Initialization of WriteData buffer which is written to Nand Flash is done is executed.
2)In  the CheckTableExist(ResBlockNo); function the code is executed till the point where it is checking whether the NBUSY flags are set .It is inside this infinite loop and no further instructions are executed.
We are facing this problem only when we are optimizing the source code for speed.
I m attaching here the source code .
Please let us know the solution to this problem as we need to optimize the code.

Looking Forward to hear from You.

Pankaja Tanjore