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ADE7753 CH2OS calculate

Question asked by andvsp on Nov 23, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2016 by dlath

Hi everyone.
Help with calculation CH2OS register.

I have a value Vrms1=13600 d  ( CH2OS= 00 h).

From datasheet ADE7753 : CODE (ADC)=3.0492x(Vin/Vout)x262144.

For my example : CODE (ADC)=13600 d,  Vin= (13600x2,42)/(3.0492x262144)=0.0412 V=41.2 mV.


For GAIN=1  Correctable Span CH2OS =+/- 50 mV and LSB Size=1.61 mV/LSB.


I ask the value CH2OS= 01 h and get value Vrms2=25343 d.

Vrms2-Vrms1=25343-13600=11743, what is 0,0356 V=35,6 mV.

From calculation leaves LSB Size=35.6 mV.


What am I doing wrong?